Releasing sessions/Mind training.

Releasing emotions is an important, if not the most important, aspect of mental and physical health. The natural process of expressing and "cleaning" out ourselves is our immanent feature, you just need to understand a few mechanisms.

Whether you're feeling angry, sad, or scared, remember that it's just a process and you can influence it.


Releasing the "baggage" allows us to change the way we feel about ourselves and the world in certain situations. This also applies to psychomotor skills, each emotional reaction is a change in the perception of the moment and a real trail of tension in the body - it can all be changed / corrected.

Everyone should learn to handle what they carry inside, only in this way can we become better versions of ourselves, heal relationships and create a "lighter" and more heart felt experience of Life.

As in any effective form of working with oneself, one should be ready for difficult psychosomatic experiences after the meeting. We may need time for our body to settle and to realign itself


Mental training is, in my opinion, inextricably linked with the sessions described above. Learning the rules according to which our mind works, using visualization, concentration or meditation techniques increases self-confidence and gives us the tools to first identify the problem and then to deal with it.

Shaping mindfulness, positive thinking or exercises that release our creativity can bring a lot of benefits, such as improving efficiency, managing our own energy, self-confidence and the ability to cope with with life's challenges.


Remember that mental training, like any training, requires commitment and consistency, it is a process that can bring many benefits, but it requires time and patience