Improve body functions and range of motion.

Manual therapy is an advanced method that focuses on the manual treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. I approach my practice holistically and use a variety of techniques such as deep tissue massage, abdominal massage, pinotherapy, mobilizations, joint manipulations, all supported by breathing work.



The goal is to restore the correct balance in the system and thus improve body function and range of motion. This therapy is used to treat diseases or ailments such as pain in the spine, head, neck, shoulder, hips, as well as ailments related to joint dysfunctions or muscle tension.


The most important thing is to know the causes of problems and adjust the therapy to the individual needs of the patient. In addition to reducing pain, improving the flexibility and stability of joints or restoring muscle balance, organ or peri-organ tensions are also reduced, which results in better functioning of the abovementioned, and thus simply better health and well-being.

The treatments are completely safe but they can be a bit intense, so depending on the client's "initial" presentation of symptoms and their reaction to therapy, it can take up to several appointments.

I always combine manual therapy with emotional health work because there are no non-psychosomatic problems.