my name is Marek Chorąży, I have a very humanistic nature and if you contact me, please feel free to just call me by my first name.

I was born in 1979 and...
It will not be a classic biography because I think it is a waste of time for boring facts, so I will limit myself to the more important elements, therefore:

  • From about the age of 6 I trained tennis professionally and that's how my youth passed until the age of 18, where I ended my career with several cups from the Silesian championships, national tournaments and at the best moment taking 34th place on the PZT list. Naturally, I then worked as a tennis instructor for the next 17 years.
  • I graduated from primary school, high school and then after many years 🙂 BA studies in the field of "Tourism and Recreation"
  • meanwhile for 3 years I traveled on foot in Europe:

· 2009 Katowice – Santiago de Compostella,
· 2010 walking expedition around Poland (along the border) dedicated to people affected by multiple sclerosis, held under the slogan "I care about Poland, I care about people with MS",
· 2011 Katowice – Nordkapp plus a short walk from the Highlands to Dover.

⁃ In total, I spent 1.5 years in a tent and covered about 13,500 km on foot, wearing off countless sandals and shoes. Some materials are still available on the Internet.

At the age of 29, I found myself under the wing of the master, now a good friend, and so began my new path in life. It started with working with the body (manual therapy, trigger points, pinotherapy, etc.) and over time it began to evolve towards deeper and deeper layers of our personality.

I have completed many courses and postgraduate studies in the field of instructors in sport and recreation, naturopathy, manual therapy, bioenergotherapy, mental training, pedagogy, etc. because I like to listen to smart people putting together life puzzles and sharing their knowledge and experience.

I am a Husband and Father to three beautiful children and ... I have a dog 🙂

Every change first takes place within us and only then manifests in life - sounds like a slogan until it becomes a road